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  • Hydra Diesel Power Blast Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive - Agriculture

    • Huge Fuel Savings up to 10%
    • Guarantees More Complete Fuel Burn Cycle
    • Decreases Fuel Wastage and Harmful Exhaust Emissions
    • Cleans and Protects Fuel Injectors and Pump
    • Protects Against Corrosion and Demulsifies Water from Fuel

    Starting at: £8.45

  • Hydra FuelPlus Biocide- Agriculture

    • Kills microbial growth in fuel, prevents fuel system corrosion
    • Fuel additives useful for agricultural machinery & equipment
    • Leading manufacturer of fuel additives, stabilises the fuel against decay
    • Fuel treatment biocide for agricultural equipment’s and machineries

    Starting at: £15.45

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