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Heavy Fuel Oils

  • Hydra FuelPlus Biocide

    • Kills microbial growth in fuel, prevents fuel system corrosion
    • Helps prevent blocking deposits and reduces the risk of failure of the injection system & blockage.
    • Keep fuel fresh, decontaminated and increase the engine life
    • Leading manufacturer of fuel additives, stabilises the fuel against decay.

    Starting at: £15.45

  • Hydra HFO Dispersant & Stabiliser Fuel Additive

    • Reduced Fuel Sludge (Asphaltene) & Filter Blocking
    • Safer Fuel Changeover from HFO to MGO
    • Cleaner Separators & Storage Tanks
    • Improved Combustion Efficiency with Reduction in Particle Emissions

    Starting at: £29.89

  • Hydra HFO Slow Steaming Fuel Additive

    • Reduces SFOC (Specific Fuel Oil Consumption)
    • Reduces Maintenance Costs
    • Reduces Exhaust System Fouling
    • Improves Engine Reliability

    Starting at: £29.89

  • Microbial Test Kit 2448 & Microbial Incubator 24

    • Detects bacteria, mould and fungus growth
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Gives reliable and accurate result
    • Suitable for all fuels types

    Starting at: £10.85

  • FUELSTAT® RAPID 10M - Fuel Test Kit

    • Accurate instant results in just 10 minutes.
    • Standalone Test Kit - no external equipment required.
    • Easily identify the type of contamination.
    • Suitable for onsite fuel testing.

    Starting at: £120.35

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